Last Saturday we presented The 24 Hour Butoh Project and it was a HUGE success. At 9am we began creating and by 6pm we were ready to go. It was an intense day of developing and rehearsing and expectations were very high in terms of focus and collaboration, and of course all sixteen of our 7 – 12 year old cast exceeded these. The final piece was an exploration of disconnection between human beings and how that can be reconnected if we support one another and acknowledge our human attributes. It was honest and focused and quite seriously surprising for many adults who had not realised the capabilities of this age group. I would like to thank Errenn Ball, our Assistant Director; Yarno Rohling, our Emerging Director, Zac Watson, our Emerging Technical Director and our ever supportive office staff Alicia Wyatt, Jess Baker and Stefanie Lekkas.

Our brand new Technical Theatre Team began work in March with their first focus on Stage Management, run by tutor Alana Teasdale. They’re a varied bunch of techies with such interesting backgrounds and we’re already starting to see some look towards specialising in particular areas. As part of their training, this group will have the opportunity to design and rig the lighting for The Verbatim Project and The Greek Project, under the guidance of their tutor Gillian Schwab. They will also produce the sound design for each of these projects under the guidance of tutor Kimmo Vennonen, and will operate for each of the shows.

Our final lot of auditions took place a couple of weeks ago and we now have a strong cast for The Verbatim Project. We begin generating content for this work in May and I’m pleased to welcome Sophie Benassi to the team as Assistant Director and Jacob Creach as Emerging Director.

We’re now ready for the Autumn school holidays, we’ve had a bustling and creative start to the year in all of our workshops and I’ve been excited to see the End of Semester performances beginning to take shape. Don’t forget our Holiday Workshop is still open for enrolments, it’s always exciting to see new faces in these, and old!

Enjoy the Autumn colours!