CYT in partnership with National Portrait Gallery created a performance installation in response to the NPG Bare: Degrees of Undress Exhibition in 2015.

To be exposed is to be vulnerable.
To be exposed is to be courageous.
To be exposed is to be human

The CYT Actors Ensemble performed this durational work of four hours at the National Portrait Gallery over a four day season.

This work was totally devised by the performers under the co-direction of Katie Cawthorne and Alison Plevey, examining the gradual exposure of the human being literally and metaphorically.

It is now on tour in the form of a “making of” video alongside the exhibition in the following regional areas:

Gosford Regional Gallery 10 Dec – 29 Jan 2017
Glasshouse Gallery 13 May – 25 Jun 2017
Broken Hill Art Gallery  7 Oct – 18 Nov 2017