Here at CYT we provide a place for our young people’s voices to be heard. We create opportunities for young and emerging artists to make work that matters to them. 
When our young artists perform their work, they do so as an ensemble after considerable time rehearsing their work. CYT artists are curious, broadminded, listen to their ensemble members and are respectful of differing opinions.
As such, we ask the same from our important and valued audiences. When seeing performances at CYT we ask the following from our audiences.
  • Be on time! Entering the space once a performance has commenced can be distracting for both performers and other audience members. If you are late, you may only be able to enter the venue during very specific times or not at all! 
  • Be respectful of our young artists once you enter the performance space, particularly if they are already on stage.
  • Please do not talk during performances. Whispers are still a distraction for those nearby as well as the performers.
  • Refrain from taking anything into the theatre that will create noise, e.g. food wrappers. 
  • Ensure you are aware of any advisory warnings including mature content, explicit language, loud noises and strobe/flashing lights. This information will be displayed on the CYT website when purchasing tickets as well as in the foyer before the performances, and of course, please turn off your mobile phone!
 We look forward to seeing you soon at CYT!