Congratulations to our Gorman Arts Centre Workshop artists and their tutors for the fantastic End of Semester performances last week. We had such a varied range of pieces, and I was thrilled to see CYT’s 2016 theme of empathy utilised so sensitively within each piece. Our young artists were able to explore many different roles and human experiences, developing their understanding of theatre and their place in the world. We had record audiences, filling the theatre each night, and giving family and friends so much to positively comment on in the work that we do. A huge thank to our Technical Team also, who experienced their first shows, operating and designing lighting and sound and did an outstanding job.

The Verbatim Project has begun. The cast have spent each Saturday afternoon in May working on improvisation tasks, brainstorming, interviewing and discussing to develop the content for Assistant Director, Sophie Benassi and myself to build the show from. This has already been quite an eye-opening and enlightening experience for all of us as we’ve listened to so many wonderful, sad, confusing and joyful stories from each person. Already this cast have developed a true sense of ensemble together and have been truthful and open in telling their personal stories and respectful and considerate when listening to others. We have had tears and laughter already, and we’re only in the development phase! For a truly unique human experience, this will certainly be a show not to missed.

We’re looking forward to our Tuggeranong Ensemble and Primary Workshops End of Semester performances in June, which brings us to the end of the semester at CYT – how did that happen already? We’re raring to start the second half of the year with two shows in two months! Check out our sparkly new website for more information and to meet the casts. See you in June!