This is the kind of cross-generational collaboration that shows why groups like Canberra Youth Theatre and GOLD need to exist.

Alanna Maclean, The Canberra Times


Bill Stephens, City News

The Verbatim Project

I am expected to know all the answers. I am expected to be individual – different – unique. Do you actually want to know me?

Our 2016 production The Verbatim Project, performed by 13 – 16 year olds and members of Canberra Dance Theatre’s over 65 years GOLD troupe went on tour to Sydney in July 2017. The piece was developed using the cast’s collective stories, experiences and pressures at different stages in their lives, asking “Does age matter? In the end aren’t we all just having human experiences” The work was shaped using audio interviews, video footage, live commentary and headphone verbatim technique, and is presented using physical theatre.

The Verbatim Project performed at the The Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre from 14 -1 5 July and at ATYP Studio 1, The Wharf from 19 – 22 July at 7pm.

The Verbatim Project was supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1 funding. As part of our Plus1 funding, CYT started a Pozible campaign in December 2016 and were successful in raising enough money to take The Verbatim Project on tour to Sydney.

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The Verbatim Project donors for 2017:

Malcolm Sherren
James Holman
Liz De Chastel
Alviss Consulting