The i’m me festival preparations have begun, with rehearsals starting this Saturday. We have a cast of thirty two 7 – 12 year olds, who will be working with their directors over the next month, to devise and rehearse some fantastic theatre.

We have seven outstanding directors working on i’m me: Errenn Ball, Jessica Baker, Tracy Bourne, Claire Granata, Anna Johnstone, Kitty Malam and Ruth Pieloor. Each has developed an idea that celebrates and interrogates what it is to be “me” and will broaden our audience’s understanding of what theatre can be. These pieces will use elements of physicality, monologue, song, audience interaction, soundscape, games and comedy to convey their ideas. Canberra playwright Julian Hobba, has drafted a short play called THE SKYWHALE – A PLAY FOR TEN CHILDREN, which will be staged as a reading at the end of the evening before we dance our heads off under the fairy lights in the courtyard!

The i’m me festival is an evening not to be missed, with so much live theatre to see, along with the opportunity to make fabulous flower crowns with A forager’s heart, eat delicious crepes from Le Breton Crepes food truck and dance as the sun goes down with DJ Ted. Although it’s a festival for 7 – 12 year olds by 7 – 12 year olds, we would love to see parents, friends and family there too, so we can all celebrate “being me”!

Our workshops have begun at Gorman Arts Centre and in our primary schools and it’s been wonderful to meet so many new young artists who have now become part of the CYT community. We have Family Week next week at Gorman Arts Centre and we can’t wait to catch up with you all and show you what we’ve been working on so far.

I would like to congratulate eight of our 13 – 16 years artists who performed a beautiful work of physical theatre at the Multicultural Festival in February. This was devised and rehearsed in a very short period of time and although it thundered and rained on performance day, this cast were not deterred, performing in the wet, adding further depth to the work. As always, stunning focus and commitment to the piece, brilliant!

Enjoy the change of season and see you at i’m me!