We look fabulous! The CYT office has finally got its makeover and the orange and yellow walls are gone. It’s all clean white and mood lighting now and it feels great!

It’s been a busy June at CYT, with all our End of Semester performances in our primary schools. I got to see almost all of them and was so impressed by the variety of skills displayed and the content addressed; very intelligent artists. It was wonderful to see such amazing audience numbers at all schools, that support is vital and shows how important the arts is in our community. A huge thank you to all of our wonderful tutors who worked so hard to make these performances happen. On that note, CYT would like to say goodbye to tutors Milly Cooper, Caroline O’Brien and Tamzin Nugent – thank you for giving so much to CYT and good luck with your exciting future endeavors.

The Actors Ensemble has just returned from Sydney after taking part in the Marina Abramović residency. We learnt that time becomes incredibly malleable when focusing on being present through activities such as slow walking, separating grains of rice and mutual gazing. This was excellent preparation for our performance at the National Portrait Gallery in August which will be a durational piece running for a minimum of 4 hours. We are right in the thick of rehearsals for this and it’s getting longer by the day!

You would have all received my letter (Free the Arts CYT) regarding the Federal Budget cuts to arts funding. The senate inquiry will be taking place soon and it is vital that we have as much support as possible to put pressure on the Minister for the Arts to reverse this decision. Send your letter and submission inquiries in and if you need advice or support in doing this, don’t hesitate to contact the CYT office. The arts are a fundamental part of our life and culture in Australia and we must work together as a community to ensure that we remain a strong part.

Don’t forget to enrol for Semester 2 Workshops, whether they are at Gorman Arts Centre, in one of our primary schools or our new workshops at Tuggeranong Arts Centre. We’ll have some new tutors to introduce to you next month – can’t wait!

Stay warm!

– Katie