Winter @ CYT! Alicia Wyatt

June was such an awesome month for all of us at CYT! Our end of semester performances at Gorman Arts Centre and throughout all of our Primary Schools were incredible and the culmination of the dedication and commitment of all of our young artists. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our remarkable tutors, who challenge our young people every day and provide a safe place so their voices are heard. Semester 2 enrolments are already open and are filling up fast, so make sure you jump online to enrol!

We are so excited for our fabulous AD, who is heading off from CYT for the next month to direct the new work Hell’s Canyon, opening in Sydney in August. This work has an exceptional creative team at the helm with writer and producer, Emily Sheehan, a CYT Alumna and the playwright for versions of us as well as sound designer Kimmo Vennonen, CYT’s production sound designer and Technical Theatre Team tutor. If you are in Sydney at the beginning of August, you must check out Hell’s Canyon!

Chookas to Emily, Katie and the rest of the team! We can’t wait to hear all about it!

Canberra Youth Theatre Annual Appeal! Katie Cawthorne

It’s End of Semester Performance time! All of our workshops are rehearsing their heads off at the moment, with our Gorman Arts Centre Workshops performing next week and our Primary School Workshops performing at the end of the month. We’re excited this year as our GAC Workshops will be doing two performances of their piece on the night, giving more people the opportunity to see their work and acknowledging the huge effort they put into their final pieces. I’ve had a sneak peak of them all and audiences are in for a treat!
We’ve given CYT Night Out a shake up this year by running the event in June, instead of our usual November time. It’s a Winter theme, which we’re super excited about – so many new decorations – and it’s a chance for everyone to don a fabulous Winter themed outfit to be in the running for a prize on the night. I’m going as a Snowperson – I have a carrot nose and a tremendous suit. Seats are selling quickly already, so get in and book now – you know it’s a giggle!
Our amazing cast of Faster begin work this month, in our first creative development where they will work with Emily and Kyle to start building and exploring content for the work. We’re so excited to have so many new people in the cast and can’t wait for you to meet them next month when we release headshots.
Winter has hit, but we’ve got lots of fun things to do – see you at CYT Night Out!

Three brand new works at CYT! Katie Cawthorne

April was huge! So much fabulous work was created by so many different people at CYT last month. Our 7 – 12 year olds produced our first major production of the year, we had a hugely inspiring creative development in Wellington, our second creative development for Fading resulted in some beautiful new content and our Autumn holiday workshop provided a fantastic platform for our young artists to examine the world they live in.
Our month of rehearsals with our 7 – 12 year old Filtered cast, culminated in three performances of this group devised work, investigating the importance of curiosity. Our cast employed physical theatre and circus techniques to convey their ideas, working incredibly hard over the production weekend to polish the work to a very high standard. We had full audiences, who responded with laughter and tears, many of whom were reminded how wonderful it is to imagine. A huge thank you to Anna Johnstone, who co-directed the work, and Pablo Latona, our guest artist, along with our fantastic crew and supportive families.
Last week I returned from Wellington, after spending five days there with three of our CYT artists – Aram Geleris, Charlotte Palmer and Mia Tuco. We spent time working with our 2015 collaborators Long Cloud Youth Theatre, exploring content for a new co-production. This was hugely successful in terms of developing a new piece of theatre together, by the final day we had a definite direction to follow and a clear timeline to do this in. The experience was also fantastic development for our young artists, working with the Artistic Director of Long Cloud as well as young New Zealand artists and learning new ways to produce work. Stay tuned for news on this upcoming production in 2019.
We got straight into our second creative development for Fading the day after returning from NZ! Our playwright Laura arrived and within an hour we were reading the first draft of the play. This was super exciting, not only to hear the tone and get a feel for the structure of the work, but for the cast to hear how their personal stories, thoughts and experiences had been conveyed in the script. We were lucky to spend another full day generating content with Laura in the room and we can’t wait to see the next version of the script in June!
Our Autumn holiday workshop was a fabulous week, with our tutor Taylor Geoffroy at the helm, assisted by CYT artist Katie Hubner. As always, our families and friends were treated to an excellent piece of theatre developed by the artists at the end of the week, exploring the structure and purpose of fairytales.
Being surrounded by so much artistic activity is always so inspiring when you’re creating work yourself. Now we’re into May, back at school, back at workshops and starting to seriously prepare for our remarkable end of semester performances, informed by all this great work that’s happening around us. There’s a lot of theatre in Canberra at the moment, get out and see it!

WONDERINGS! Alicia Wyatt

The leaves are changing here in Canberra but we are glad that the days are still warm! We are so excited for the month of April with our first production of the year, Filtered taking place this Sunday 8 April. Our 7 – 12 year old artists have been working with their co-directors, Katie and Anna and guest artist, Pablo on Saturdays in March devising a brand new piece of work. We don’t want to give too much away, but our audiences are in for an afternoon of thought provoking questions and wonderings from our youngest members of our company. Please see below for ticket information and we can’t wait to see you all there!
Last week many families joined our young artists at Gorman Arts Centre for Family Week. This is an important time for our community to see how tutors structure Workshops, ensuring that all of our young people have their voices heard. It was wonderful to see so many families get up in the space and try games with the young artists, gaining an insight into how brave they are every week! Our Primary School families are invited to join us for Family Week next week.

Make sure that you keep up with all of CYT’s news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and enjoy these last few days of warmth and sunshine!

Lots of new faces at CYT! Katie Cawthorne

February has been a flurry of activity at CYT! Our workshops began at Gorman Arts Centre and in our Primary schools, we auditioned for Filtered and for the Company Ensemble, and all of our tutors participated in our annual CYT Tutor Professional Development. Such bustle after a quiet January, with everyone feeling fresh and energised for the year ahead.

I love the first week of workshops each year, catching up with our loyal CYTers, seeing how much they’ve grown and meeting so many new young artists. 2018 has seen around 40% new enrolments which is super exciting and means our community is growing even bigger.  I’d like to welcome our new tutors – Aram Geleris and Taylor Bray, they are both theatre-makers themselves and we can’t wait to see what their young teams will create this semester.

Our 7 – 12 year olds have been cast for Filtered and our rehearsals begin next week! Our 17 young performers will be working with myself, my co-director Anna Johnstone and our specialist artist Pablo Latona, to devise a magical piece of theatre. There will be only two performances, so get in quick to book tickets.

March will see us in intensive rehearsals for Filtered as well as our first creative development for the Company Ensemble work Fading, with our playwright Laura Lethlean.
The CYT office will be brimming with creative energy, fuelled by hot cross buns as we head towards the Easter break.
Enjoy the last days of warmth!