Dead Men’s Wars. These are the only words in our heads at CYT this month. A production that has been in the works for more than two years, initiated and developed by Karla Conway, it’s now being produced by a huge number of people from Australia and New Zealand. We sprung into intensive rehearsal mode last week with our Director Brett Adam arriving from New Zealand, along with our Assistant Director Lily della Porta and the three actors Bella, Liam and Lydia. The cast of 17 have been working eight hour days, six days a week, as we move towards opening night on October 14th.

Rehearsals are bustling with energy and discussion around what is at the heart of this play; the silencing of many voices in the Anzac legacy. Our ensemble is developing enormous physical strength to convey the ideas of the piece predominantly through image and movement work, while our core roles are developing the psychological strength of their characters. Dead Men’s Wars will be epic and visually arresting, it will ask our audiences to think by provoking their understanding of where they fit within the Anzac legacy. Don’t miss this major new work at The Street Theatre from October 14th – 17th.

We had a busy September at CYT, finishing up the fist term of our workshops with Parent Week. It was wonderful to hear reports from all our tutors about the numbers of parents attending and seeing a slice of the experience their children have each week with us. At our Gorman Arts Centre workshops we had afternoon tea with our parents beforehand, providing an opportunity for our CYT staff to get to know more parents and parents to get to know each other better. This was a wonderful success and I’d like to thank Kate Bairstow for her generosity in liasing with parents beforehand and being the figurehead at each session. We will be continuing this at our End of Semester performances at Gorman Arts Centre and extending this to greater parental involvement for our Christmas Party on Friday 11th December. Please contact me if you’re a parent who’d like to get involved!

Silly Spring Holiday Workshops have kicked off this week with ImproACT’s Nick Byrne. All the CYT staff are looking forward to a fantastic afternoon performance on Friday with lots of laughter and parents of course!

See you at Dead Men’s Wars!

– Katie Cawthorne