What a wonderful family week! We always love catching up with parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles at this time to show them a little slice of what takes place every week in our workshops at CYT. It was great to see so many parents taking part in games and asking excellent questions about the works that are being created for performances in Term 4.

Although it’s school holidays, we have been working hard on our 2017 Artistic Program, with our brochure shoot last week, along with a film shoot for some exciting fundraising videos to be released later in the year. Thanks to all the CYTers who spent an afternoon with us. We will see your fabulous work at the Christmas Party in December!

Last week we were lucky to have a CYT alumni visit the office. He had been an emerging artist here nearly ten years ago and came in to see what the company was doing after having heard so many good things on the grapevine recently. He was excited to see the re-decoration in the offices and to hear about what we have been doing over the last 18 months and was full of stories about the history of CYT when he was here.

What struck me most was as he was leaving he said “CYT is a treasure. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for this place.” This affirmed the amazing work this company has done and continues to do. With its changing leaders, tutors and artists, CYT still continues to be a vital place in so many young peoples’ experiences of growing up. A number of our young artists are struggling with finding their place in the world at the moment and I’ve had a few conversations of late with parents and artists themselves. I am continually assured by their connection to CYT and the support they feel when they’re here. CYT is absolutely a treasure!