It’s End of Semester Performance time! All of our workshops are rehearsing their heads off at the moment, with our Gorman Arts Centre Workshops performing next week and our Primary School Workshops performing at the end of the month. We’re excited this year as our GAC Workshops will be doing two performances of their piece on the night, giving more people the opportunity to see their work and acknowledging the huge effort they put into their final pieces. I’ve had a sneak peak of them all and audiences are in for a treat!
We’ve given CYT Night Out a shake up this year by running the event in June, instead of our usual November time. It’s a Winter theme, which we’re super excited about – so many new decorations – and it’s a chance for everyone to don a fabulous Winter themed outfit to be in the running for a prize on the night. I’m going as a Snowperson – I have a carrot nose and a tremendous suit. Seats are selling quickly already, so get in and book now – you know it’s a giggle!
Our amazing cast of Faster begin work this month, in our first creative development where they will work with Emily and Kyle to start building and exploring content for the work. We’re so excited to have so many new people in the cast and can’t wait for you to meet them next month when we release headshots.
Winter has hit, but we’ve got lots of fun things to do – see you at CYT Night Out!