The 2016 production season is complete! We’ve finished the program with The Company Ensemble’s work, Antigone – The Greek Project and what a great success it was. This show received excellent reviews, which were particularly focused on the clarity of the piece and the capability of the performers. This is very affirming for CYT as The Company Ensemble spent a great deal of time analysing the work so it was crystal clear in our heads, which boded well for our audience. The Greek classics are ambitious plays to tackle for any theatre company, let alone a youth theatre, and I am so proud and assured that this was the right choice for this Ensemble as it demanded great skill, which each performer absolutely proved they were capable of. As reviewer Trevar Chilver wrote “The production truly shows this to be an accomplished cast. Their performance skills do much to affirm the quality of actors coming from Canberra Youth Theatre’s brilliant program.

We were fortunate to have a huge creative team behind this production, demonstrating the true collaborative nature of CYT. I would like to thank all who were involved with Antigone – The Greek Project, creating theatre as a team is much more fun than working solo! Again, our season was sold out and we apologise to those who couldn’t get tickets, but there may be another opportunity in the future…

Now we begin to prepare for 2017, which is looking pretty action packed. The full program will be released at our Christmas Party in December but we can confirm that The Verbatim Project is going on tour! The show will be performing for a season in Sydney next July, thanks to the support of ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) and we can’t wait. We need to get busy fundraising to do this and very soon you’ll be hearing about some pretty exciting events we have coming up later in the year and we look forward to your support in these.

Family Week is coming up, beginning on 19 September, and we can’t wait to see everyone here. Come along for a cup of tea first and then get ready to join in the fun in a workshop and see the fabulous things we have been up to this semester. End of Semester performances are beginning to develop and some of you might even get a taster in Family Week.

The sun is out and the blossoms are blooming, enjoy Spring CYTers!